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ERP systems, made easier

Businesses are complex and each one has its own needs. This is why most ERP systems tend to be difficult to handle as they have too many options, and too complex interfaces.

Heartbeat translates all your data from your ERP system of choice and provides meaningful insights and a better overall experience on top. Our products are both web and mobile based. This gives you optimal user experience both on your desktop and with your mobile devices.


A complete suite to fit your needs


Heartbeat Portal

Manage your business with a total overview, even across multiple organizations with different accounting systems, all in one dashboard.


Heartbeat Work

Be more efficient tracking time and expenses with the Work module. With our mobile app and web platform you’ll be able to track time or expenses anywhere you are, as well as providing a total overview of the work taking place in your company..


Heartbeat Sales

Create, track and send invoices, orders and quotes either from your office computer or right from the palm of your hand with our mobile app. It has never been so easy to keep track of everything seamlessly.


Heartbeat Reports

Metrics, forecasting, benchmarks, segmentation and rich business insights. All in a simple, engaging environment. Everything in one place.


Heartbeat Pulse

The most innovative App for business management based on AI learning. It provides you with useful insights and helps you track things you don’t want to miss. Like having a personal assistant in your phone.


Heartbeat For Business Users

Total overview of your business from a single point. Even if you run multiple business entities/companies. Heartbeat connects directly to your ERP systems you may be running and gives you a total oversight. It also enables you to do routine tasks like sales, track orders, quotes, time-tracking, customer service via simple and usable web and mobile applications.

Heartbeat For ERP Partners

If you are looking for value adding products to provide your existing customers we have a great opportunity for you — giving you a range of cool products and innovative solutions which can operate against any ERP system, how old it might be or out-of-date. We offer fair pricing with solid win/win opportunity for partners.


Based in Iceland, more precisely in Reykjavík and Akureyri we are indeed up north. We are building a platform but also we are building a movement of collaboration between people and companies. With partners in Bucharest (Romania), Barcelona (Spain) and more to come.